Contacts Map

NOTICE: Contacts map was removed from the app store. I have not had time to update it for version 4 of the iOS. I apologize and hope to continue work on this great project some day.

Contacts Map is a simple application that allows you to map out your contacts. You select a contact from your list and it will show you where they are in the world.

Recent Changes

Thursday, July 22nd 2010
v1.3 is available in the App Store.

Thursday, June 3rd 2010
v1.2 is available in the App Store.

Tuesday, May 11th 2010
v1.1 is available on the App Store.


The application uses the iPhone SDK's MapKit to provide Google Maps functionality. Your iPad's Contacts are used to display the Contacts list. Google's own geocoding service is used to figure out where your contacts are on the map.

Major features include:

- Display and search your iPad's contact list.
- Select addressable contacts for display on the map.
- View the map in different modes, Classic, Satellite, etc.
- Show your current location.


- Location Services must be enabled to show your location.
- Data connection must be available to geocode addresses.
- Contacts must have addresses that are geocodable.

Features under consideration for future versions:

- Show and allow filtering by Groups.
- Annotate all or sets of contacts.
- Select an area to show contacts for.



This is a list of Contact Map's features. Future versions will contain more and more features.

- Display a list of your contacts. All contacts with addresses are displayed in the list. If a contact has multiple addresses, when selected a popup menu will list all of their addresses. You can choose which one you want to view.

- Search the contacts list. You can search the list by name. All contacts with a matching first or last name will be displayed.

- Geocode an address and show it. Any contact that has an address can be displayed in the map. Tapping on the contact will geocode the address and display it on the map.


A group button has been placed on the top left of the screen. It allows the contacts list to be filtered by group.

A new gear menu is available on the top right of the contacts list. It provides the following options.

- Show all contacts in the list.
- Remove all pins from the map.
- Set the current map view as the default view. (Useful if you live outside the U.S. :)

Contacts with addresses containing non-ascii characters no longer cause incorrect geocoding results.


The filter button has been removed and replaced with a search bar. The display name can now be filtered by the search bar.

The contacts now only display once in the list, regardless of how many addresses they have. When selected, if multiple addresses are associated with the contact then a popup menu is displayed with a list of the addresses.

A major set of bugs were fixed that could cause the application to close immediately after launching.


Several issues were found between submission and acceptance of v1.0. The following items have been changed with v1.1.

- New look for the active row.
- No longer have to select the directions button twice if your current location is not known.
- Fixed a problem where the callout would not automatically show when a pin is first dropped.
- Fixed a problem where the callout would not show if there is no street address.


If you are experiencing problems with your current location, check the built in Maps application to see if it is accurately displaying your position. Most of the time problems with the map and location services are related to the iPhone or iPhone OS and not the Contacts Map application. If you have found a legitimate bug and it is reproducible please contact me or leave a post below.

Q: Does Contacts Map work on the iPhone or iPod?
A:. No. Contacts map is a native iPad only application. I have had many requests for an iPhone version. Once I have added sufficient functionality to the iPad version, then I'll add support for the iPhone. The iPhone version will be fairly limited it what it will support as far as features go.

Q: Why does the map default to the U.S. and why can't I change the default position?
A: As of version 1.3 you can set the default size and pan of the map by selecting the button under the gear menu above the contacts list.

Q: The map isn't showing my current location accurately, why?
A: The map and location services provided by the iPhone OS and Apple are only as accurate as A) your connection to GPS and B) the technologies of the iPhone operating system. In testing it was found that the iPhone GPS system is not always accurate. This was independently verifiable using the Maps application.


Known Issues

This is a list of known bugs and issues. Please review these before posting about them below.


Some contacts can cause the application to crash, this pretty rare and will be fixed in the next release.


Non-ascii characters, like diacritically marked characters, in an address will cause the geocoding process to fail. This is caused by a bug in some code that is meant to  work around a bug in the framework. Thanks to my users in Europe for helping me catch this one!


There is a major issue where the application will immediately close when opening. This is due to a programming error that is hopefully resolved with the 1.2 update.


You have to select the directions button twice if your current location is not known.
The map pin callout may not automatically show when a pin is first dropped.
The callout will not show if there is no street address.


Comments can be left below. You can help make Contacts Map better in future versions by identifying problems or making positive suggestions. I will make sure and respond to your issues and requests as soon as possible.

Please be constructive.

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