I've been a software developer for over decade. This page contains information about applications that I have worked on both professionally and personally.

In my spare time I enjoy learning new technologies and programming concepts, whether or not they maybe pertinent to my day job. In fact, had I only focused on my day job, I would have never had a chance to do iPhone development professionally. Above all I enjoy learning. 

These are my personal apps

Robot Candidate

Robot Candidate is a board game for the iPad. 2-8 players take turns trying to finish the board first. Computer AI allows you to play solo against your iPad.

Photo Jumbler

Photo Jumbler is a tile solver. You pick a photo, it gets sliced up into blocks that you rearrange. Game Center achievements give you some goals while the leaderboards are a great way to see what other people are doing.


Hansel is a simple application to help you remember a location. The application takes advantage of the iPhone SDK's MapKit and CoreLocation frameworks for map and location services. It also utilizes a device's built in camera to help optionally retain a visual record of your location. I recently updated this application with minor improvements. A note can now be saved on the photo. I also added a cool HUD mode so the Map can be zoomed fullscreen.


At Mobiata good software design and ease of use are paramount to our success. I have worked on both FlightTrack and FlightBoard, seeing them through various releases including our recent major revision for FlightTrack 5. 

I’ve also contribued to the Expedia Bookings app. I was responsible for implementing real-time status updates for flights and the client side of push notifications.

XtremeMac (an Imation brand)

At XM I was responsble for maintaining their iOS apps. I also developed prototype apps for new products. Much of my time was also spent consulting with the team on the best ways software could help enhance their hardware products.

Work I did for row27 Studios

row27 Mobile

I did a lot at row :) I worked with many iOS technologies, Core Data, iAds, In App Purchase, streaming A/V, UIKit, Core Animation, MapKit, CoreLocation, APNs, etc. We integrated with the three20 project, used ASI for web services, and utilized both GHUnit and OCMock for unit and integration testing. All new code had unit or integrations tests before the product shipped.

You can checkout the free KU app here.

My time at ITR Group Inc

Kitco's Kcast Gold Live!

This application was created for Kitco. I worked primarliy on the infrastructure and architecture of the data and services. I did do major work on the main display for setup a data driven UI for the complicated table view. I also did the coding for the tableview animations.

Here is the app's official page.

Saint Paul Lung Clinic's Hospital Census

Demo videos are here

This application was created for SPLC. They wanted to replace a legacy system that was used to capture hospital round charge information. I designed and implemented a Navigation based MobileHIG application.

You can watch the demonstration videos, but this application will not likely be published in the app store because it requires a secured backend that is specific to a site.


This was my first iPhone app when I started at ITR Group inc. Dirtnewz.com wanted an iPhone app, though they weren't sure what it should do. It ended up being a news reader/gallery/live feed app. It is available in the App Store as a free download and works on both iPhones and iPod touches, any model of either will do.

Time spent doing Healthcare in a previous life

The Medical Manager

I began my career working on the Unix based TMM (now known as Sage Medical Manager). I coded for over 4 years using a proprietary basic-like language called DML (Data Merge Language). Together with it's associated tools we generated ASCII GUIs that ran under Unix, Linux, and Windows.

There were no local variables, and there were hundreds of thousands of lines of code. It was challenging and made me happy to move on to .NET.

Intergy EHR

I was a major contributor to iEHR. From the inception I was part of the team and worked on the front end for 5 years. I learned a lot and worked with a lot of great engineers. 

The major technologies I used during my time were predominately C# .NET v1.1 and v2.0, along with 3rd party addons from both Infragistics and SoftwareFX. You can see my resume for more details.

Horizon Anatomical Pathology

When I first moved to Minneapolis I worked a contract position at McKesson. I did major work for their HAP software product. For 9 months I helped refactor problem areas, improve performance, and apply industry standard design patterns to help make it a better product.

The major technologies I used were C# .NET v1.1, v2.0, v3.5, WPF, Spring (for Java), and Java.

Things I created while learning different technologies.

I offer the binaries and source code [when posted] for any purpose.


This is an old REALbasic application that I created to track gas mileage for a new car. When it runs for the first time, a database file is created in the same directory as the binary.

The PPC binary is available here

The source code is available here.



This project start while on vacation a few years ago. The only completed features are a dice roller and a D&D NPC generator. 

The neat thing about the NPC generator is that a random name is generated for each character. The program has an internal database of several thousand names. These names were collected using a web page scraper also written in RB.

The PPC binary can be found here.



Even your worst day has a lesson to learn.