And It Was 2012...

2011 was a great year. I worked on some cool projects, shipped one of my own apps, and helped others ship a ton of apps. The search for a perfect job continued, but now in 2012 I think I'm finally there! I got to do some awesome hiking in both MN and NM. Overall I'm pretty happy with how things went, but this year is going to be 10x better.

Photo Jumbler was not a smashing hit on the App Store, but it really wasn't meant to be. It was a fun collaboration with my art buddy and I learned a lot during the project. Jambots ended 2011 shipping 5 or 6 apps, with as many prototypes that may see the light of day soon. Personal growth in development at it's best.

For a day job I continued to work on iOS apps for both row27 Studios and Imation's XtremeMac brand. Working with hardware accessories is challenging, mostly in the product design. It was a great opportunity and I worked with some truly wonderful people. Like most corporations, meh, time to move on. Expedia is great, they let the Mobiata team work independently on most things. We are a completely separate entity that works well across the boundaries. I really enjoy the collaboration and the smart people that I get exposed to. It is going to be an awesome time.

Cards is moving along, slooooowwwwly. We'll get there :)

Even your worst day has a lesson to learn.