And then it was fall

The summer has gone by fast. I started at Thomson in July and it has been a great two months. For the first time in my career I don't worry about how long it is until Friday. Many weeks I wake up and my wife mentions the weekend and only then does it dawn on me that I don't have to work tomorrow. 

I've been very busy getting a demo ready for their meeting of the board. It was pretty high profile and everyone likes what I accomplished for it. I have been mentoring a few developers on iOS development, which has been educational for myself as well.

I am presenting at CocoaHeads tonight, the topic is Core Data on iOS with Networked Apps. I put a lot of effort into it and am happy with the slides and the sample project. I'm sure that the delivery will be fine. While I don't like public speaking I have never had a problem giving technical presentations.

I have to get my secret project done soon, it will be a year at the end of the month. It has been fun at times, but now I need to get it done so I can move on. If it ends up making money great, but I have other things that require my attention and I'm certain they will turn a profit.

Even your worst day has a lesson to learn.