Busy Busy

Things have been busy around here. I've been working on many projects, some done and some still in progress. 

I've been collaborating with my good friend Terry Schubring on some projects for our joint venture Jambots. We released Railroad Train for the iPad a few months ago and just got our second app, Lo-Fi Folk Arranger, into the store. We have game / toy app, Lifebulbs, that will be in the store soon as well. 

These projects are all done using our awesome native wrapper. Terry creates the UI with HTML5 and WebKit goodness, while I do all the heavy lifting with objective-c. We support caching resources, so we can ship all our assets but update them when bugs come up. We created a multi-track audio engine, something web programmers can only dream of without a plugin like Flash. It also has support for iAds and In App Purchase, so we can support both ad supported and freemium models for our apps. 

Check Railroad Train and Lo-Fi Folk Arranger on the app store.

Even your worst day has a lesson to learn.