I've been working on a couple of projects since my last blog post. I plan to have the next installment on Data Services done by the end of the week. There will probably be 2 more posts in the series after that.

Hansel has been submitted to the app store for review. I'm waiting to hear back from Apple, probably another 5-10 days. I added a new page about the app. It explains how to use the app and provides a way for users to leave feedback.

My only real concern is that it will get rejected for the way I handle current generation iPods. If I do not detect a camera, then a message is displayed instead of the image picker UI. The interface guidelines doc specifies that functionality which is not available should not be displayed. I tested on an iPod at the last minute and decided for a quick fix so I could indicate that it is supported. Other than camera support, the app works flawlessly on the 2nd gen iPod Touches. 

I've also been working on a project that involves social networking. Due to NDA, I'm unable to talk about it in any detail. Suffice it to say, it is a pretty cool project :)

Even your worst day has a lesson to learn.