Summer Time

That last six months have been interesting, with many things happening.

- Updated Hansel,
- Started worked with Nibisoftware Group and got their iPhone/iPad app into the store,
- Created Contacts Map and have updated it several times with lots of great feedback,
- Continued working on NDA project for Social Networking,
- Started preliminary work on a remote control project for the Mac/iOS

This was of course outside of my regular 9-5 routine, which has recently changed. I have accepted a position as an iPad developer at Thompson-Reuters working on their next gen Westlaw application. I am very excited and this will definitely take my career to the next level. 

I wish that I could have been more active on my weblog, but all of this coding has gotten in the way of that. I still want to do a series on Apache CXF/JAX-RS/iOS, and am hoping that I can get to work on that soon. As of now I just don't have the time.

Even your worst day has a lesson to learn.